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Direct access to the Colorado River is available by a community boat ramp. Deep water upstream and sandbars, islands and hidden lakes downstream give you everything the Colorado River has to offer.


This is a jeep owners paradise! If you don't own one now, you soon will once you realize the extent of the off road area available to you. Every type of terrain imaginable is here. Mines, ruins and yet undiscovered treasures are just around the corner.

Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife

Located in the middle of a major flyway, each month seems to bring a different species headed North or South. The Colorado River offers year around fishing and just across the river, record bucks have been taken by Arizona hunters near Cibola Lake. Quail, dove, raccoons, beaver, coyotes, bobcats and wild burros all call this area home. Cibola Wildlife Refuge abuts the area to the North and East and Imperial Wildlife Refuge is just to the South.

There's More

Laughlin casinos, Lake Havasu, golf courses, Quartzite, Blythe, Yuma, Mexico and more are close enough for a day trip if for some reason you feel the need to leave your piece of paradise.